ACD Systems Canvas Draw 6.0.1

ACD Systems Canvas Draw 6.0.1

Canvas Draw is a powerful software specifically designed to make it possible for small business owners, designers, illustrators and professionals to advertise and communicate with confidence.

This will help you visualize the workflow with a variety of content creation tool, able to combine the adapted text, image, object, and the effect of the elements in the same document. Canvas Draw 5 service manual creation of documentation, including installation, maintenance and repair manuals. Quickly illustrate the complicated procedures, processes and workflows with easy using built-in templates and more than 2000 characters. Designed for business professionals and creative, so, Canvas Draw 5 full set of vector objects and advanced raster image editing tools make it easy to take the work to the next level. Visual Communication for professionals to rapidly create, customize, and add the table without the hassle or learning curve. Copying data directly into a table from Excel or other sources. Individual cell border, size, and appearance, and to your needs, or make them invisible. Branding and vector illustration Canvas Draw does your creative marketing efforts easy and dynamic with an integrated development environment. With an extensive collection of characters, a wide range of compatibility of files and advanced editing tools, you can draw, paint, select, retouching, color correction and clone their way to the integrity of design, typography and branding. Real Estate & Computer-Aided Design Inform characteristics space, blowing up specific areas, the creation of 3D vector and text objects, displaying functions and transform them in a way, and much more. Reach their audience by creating composites, touching up images using transparency effects, as well as a number of industry-leading tools and filters. Technical drawings and illustrations, creating drawings, floor plans, scale drawings, architectural designs, as well as other technical drawings with measured definitude and placement. Binding objects in the exact position in relation to each other, to make a central point, to determine the scale, systematically align, screen sizes, add tags, callout or comments, create flowchart diagram.

What’s new:

Version 6.0:

      Version 6.0:
  • Fixed a bug in which RGB or CMYK inks are edited in the Attributes palette does not have the same ink names, when they are applied to other objects.
  • Fixed a bug in which the stroke, or shooting an arrow can be applied to vector objects by dragging it from the Presets list in the Attributes palette.
  • Fixed an issue in which files are saved as a DXF or DWG can not be opened with AutoCADĀ® correctly.
  • Fixed wherein the anti-alias was not used for imaging objects with truncated when clipping path was a group.
  • Fixed a bug in which the ink names gradients, textures, symbols, and templates will be lost when the vector objects have been copied and pasted.

Compatibility: MacOS 10,13 or later, 64-bit processor Home


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