AEsweets Flow v1.4.1

v1.4.1 AEsweets Flow для After Effects MacOS

Flow brings a simple interface for After Effects to customize the animation curves without having to touch the graph editor.

Flow change the way to deal with since the start of the graph editor it. Period.

Flow brings a simple interface for After Effects to customize the animation curves, without having to go into an aging, confusing graph editor. Gone are the days of slow, heavy expressions, or struggle with the speed and impact (what do those even mean?) – just make a curve, click Apply and you gold!

Used for Web life? Flow works with the same CSS animation timing functions you’ve come to know and love. Our data correspond directly to the values ​​in cubic Bezier (x1, y1, x2, y2). flow core is based on Lee’s Faith, so you can copy the value of the URL and paste it into the expansion – Flow will parse them and apply the same transition to the selected keyframes or expressions.

Flow 25 is supplied with predefined frequently used curves based motion functions to mitigate Robert Penner. But do not limit yourself – build your own library and share it with the world, or import custom presets from other animators with a single click. Check out some of the packages available for download below!

Our schedule and library support keyboard shortcuts; in the library, use the Shift / Alt / Ctrl, to quickly establish it easier for Lite / In & Out / Ease Out, or script to tie handles differently or move them symmetrically.



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