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Astute Graphics – a collection of plug-ins for vector graphics editor Adobe Illustrator The British company Astute Graphics specializes in the development of creative tools for vector designers that save time, increase creativity and help achieve great results.
Astute Graphics is a company specializing in the development of creative tools for vector designers that can significantly save time, increase creativity and help achieve great results.
Astute Graphics develops the tools that designers really need in their daily work.
ColliderScribe provides a simple set of tools for neatly positioning shapes, placing any object exactly next to another when it touches. This way you can easily organize shapes into structures and patterns.


Snap to Collisions tool makes it easy to fold a pyramid of balls. Align objects and shapes or place shapes at a specific distance apart, like mosaic tiles, in no time.

Snap to Collision

DynamicSketch is specifically designed to enhance your vector workflow – this unique live sketching tool allows you to draw faster, in a more natural, intuitive vector style. The solution has proven to be effective in increasing productivity, saving up to 30% in time at the start of sketching, whether you are a beginner or an expert. Draw with your mouse, trackpad, any Wacom device or tablet.


InkScribe allows you to work faster and freer while carefully drawing in vector. This tool is much simpler and smoother than the Pen tool in Illustrator, you can concentrate with it. on the creative side of the process, rather than learning all the keystrokes.


MirrorMe to create fast and versatile symmetry, making it easy to design symbols, patterns and fashion sketches.


Astute Phantasm is a tool to enhance your creative process. A plugin that works with another Stylism plugin gives you increased control and flexibility when using native Illustrator effects. Now you can control colors directly in Illustrator for vectors, texts, and inline images, and take your creativity to the next level with vector halftones.

Astute Phantasm

Rasterino gives previously inaccessible control over image parameters directly in the document, saving hours of your standard tasks.


Stylism lets you instantly apply and modify effects directly in Illustrator to achieve your vision of the work.


Texturino helps you add and manipulate textures using the panel and annotation system.


VectorScribe is a widely used and powerful set of plugins. Every serious Illustrator user will need this extension . The new version provides a new set of tools and expansion of existing functions for fast, smooth and dynamic work.


WidthScribe is a unique plugin that helps you with vector work, allowing you to change the width of multiple lines quickly and easily. As a result, you work faster and give your work new depth and impact.


VectorFirstAid– Do not be afraid! Artwork rendered with VectorFirstAid is perfectly readable and editable in Adobe Illustrator by non-Astute Graphics users. Customers will think you are a creative genius! The only plug-in for Adobe Illustrator that cleans vector files with the click of a button. Make your files as good as possible by removing hours of annoying tech nagging!


Plugins included in this version:

  • AstuteBuddy 1.1.2
  • Autosaviour 2.3.1
  • ColliderScribe 3.2.1
  • DirectPrefs 1.2.1
  • DynamicSketch 3.1.1
  • FindReplace 1.1.1
  • InkFlow 1.1.0
  • nkQuest 2.1.0
  • InkScribe 2.1.0
  • MirrorMe 3.0.1
  • Phantasm 5.1.1
  • Rasterino 2.1.0
  • Stipplism 2.1.1
  • Stylism 2.5.0
  • SubScribe 3.1.0
  • Texturino 2.1.1
  • VectorFirstAid 3.2.0
  • VectorScribe 4.2.1
  • WidthScribe 3.1.0

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Name: Astute Graphics Unified Installer
Size: 755.73 MB
Files Astute Graphics Unified Installer
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