AtmosFX – Creepy Crawlies 2

Description of AtmosFX – Creepy Crawlies 2

Make your Halloween party guests’ skin crawl with the Creepy Crawlies 2 Digital Decoration Collection, a hair-raising swarm of animated tarantulas, snakes, rats, and cockroaches. No matter where you project them, these realistic critters skitter, slither, scurry and swarm from corners, holes and cracks. This frighteningly fun collection of phobias are sure to spook even the bravest of Halloween lovers.

* 1080p HD Video Files in .MP4 Format
* Horizontal and Vertical Orientations Included
* Wall Lighting Options: Flashlight, Lightning, Spotlight, or Strobe

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Name:AtmosFX – Creepy Crawlies 2
Size:2.08 GB
FilesAtmosFX – Creepy Crawlies 2
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