AtmosFX – Unliving Portraits

Description of AtmosFX – Unliving Portraits

Create a ghoulish gallery of hauntingly beautiful digital portraits, featuring three vintage characters that spring to life – and death. Whether you display these artworks on your TV or tablet or project them onto your wall, each classic character will redefine the term “blood relative.” The UnLiving Portraits Digital Decoration even allows all three portraits to interact with each other – creating a delightfully creepy Halloween experience.

* 1080p HD Video Files in .MP4 Format
* Horizontal and Vertical Orientations Included
* Framing Options: Portrait Frame or No Frame
* 3 Family Trio Decorations Included in Complete Collection
* Family Feud Includes Special 3 TV Option

More information –

Name: AtmosFX – Unliving Portraits
Size: 3.71 GB
Files AtmosFX – Unliving Portraits
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