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Quanta is a full-featured ten-voice true stereo granular synthesizer, with up to a hundred 1000ms grains per voice, and full control over the grain state, with direct randomization and modulation of most parameters. Drag-and-drop a sample (WAV, AIFF, Ogg, or FLAC) on to the window and go to work.
With two multi-mode filters (with LP, HP, BP and notch in 2-pole and 4-pole topologies), and a “sidecar” virtual-analog oscillator and noise generator that can be used in addition to, or injected into, the grain engine, Quanta is a fully capable subtractive synth in its own right, and will work as a granular or subtractive (or both) synth without any sample at all.
Quanta has mod coming out its ears. First up are four of our new FEGs (Flexible Envelope Generator), a 99-point looping function generator with optional host tempo sync. Then add two arbitrary-waveshape LFOs, a multi-source sample-and-hold module, and fully user-controllable MIDI assignments, with nearly every control on the panel as a destination.
Quanta is customizable to your taste and playing style. With full MPE support, it can take advantage of the extended control set of your Linnstrument, Seaboard, Soundplane, Continuum, or other MPE controller, and support for TUN files lets you use tuning tables. The resizable Hi-DPI GUI lets you adjust the size to match your visual needs, and the cross-platform preset mechanism lets you share your creations with your friends and collaborators, no matter what system they are using.

We have replaced the original Quanta preset manager with the New Hotness we created for Phosphor, and subsequently added to Continua. This is a much better preset manager, and you now have three layers of folders, and are able to move things around and create your own top-level folders if you want.

All versions now have the on-screen keyboard that was originally only in the iOS standalone.

The preset folder move script that was introduced in the macOS installer for v1.1.2 has been removed. It was, quite literally, far more trouble than it was worth. On macOS, Quanta’s preset folder is now in ~/Music/Audio Damage. If you see the “Download Factory Content” button on an update, you didn’t install the last two versions, so the preset folder location has been moved. You can either grab the factory content again, or physically move your original preset folder to the new location. (You can find the original in /Application Support/Audio Damage. Just move the entire /Quanta folder to ~/Music/Audio Damage.)

Additionally, the signing problems that started cropping up in V1.1 have been entirely solved. Hopefully. We think. If you’re still experiencing Gatekeeper issues, an old certificate is hanging around, and the solution is to delete all versions of Quanta, re-scan in your host (to clear the cache if it has one), and then install this version.

One for the Windows people, and not a “fix” as such: we have discovered a problem with HiDpi scaling in Live (and maybe other hosts). If you’re running on a HiDpi system with the auto-scaling off, the drop target is not correctly scaled. We don’t know if this is a bug in JUCE or a bug in Live. The drop target is still there. It is just much smaller than it should be, and resides in the lower right hand corner of the waveform display. The short-term solution is to either drop in the lower right hand corner (you’ll be able to tell you’re in the right place because you’ll get that lit-up surround) or to turn on auto-scaling for Quanta. Then the target will be its correct size. We’ve pinged both the JUCE people and Live for an answer on this.

Many small bug fixes and optimizations, as usual.
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