Avalanche For Lightroom 1.1

Description of Avalanche For Lightroom 1.1

Avalanche For Lightroom 1.1 allows you to migrate your Aperture or Lightroom libraries without loosing your settings, manage all your library migrations on your Mac in a few clicks. From Apple Aperture to Adobe Lightroom, Avalanche makes it easy to move your pictures between apps without ever losing your organization structure and image settings.

What’s new

Version 1.1:

  • Added support for drag and drop: you can now drag and drop any supported library to start the analysis,
  • Added a ‘Safe Mode’ in the Preferences: activating safe mode lets you reduce file IO by avoiding to read metadata from the files themselves. It will speed up parsing of input catalogs during conversion.
  • Added a new option to control whether the image and video hierachies should be separated on disk. In the previous versions, photos and videos would be separated on disk. Now you can choose to have your photos and videos being exported to the same folder hierarchy.
  • New buttons in the conversion screen let you easily access the exported library and the error log.
  • Added a clearer 2-steps workflow when launching a conversion to select the destination folder
  • Several UI improvements

  • Improved DEMO mode. The whole catalog is not read anymore making the DEMO mode much more rewarding by being fast.
  • Improved the ouput of complex project hiearchies: if a project is a leaf node of a hierachy it is now exported as a simple album. Previously, it was exported as a collectionSet containing an album.
  • FIXED:

  • Fixed several issues with crops, especially in the case of portrait images,
  • Fixed the curves adjustment,
  • Fixed the export of collections in the case of projects that were published on line. This would previously cause the appearance of lots of empty albums in the hierarchy,
  • Many small bug fixes when writing Lightroom libraries
  • Compatibility: OS X 10.14 or later 64-bit
    Homepage https://cyme.io/avalanche-photo-conversion/

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