Basement (38900)

Description of Basement (38900)
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: GOG
OS version: 10.9+
Processor type(s) & speed: 2 GHz
RAM minimum: 1024 MB
Video RAM:
1) Install
2) Play!
Languages: English, Russian, Simplified Chinese
Version: GOG DRM Free v4.2.0.8 (38900)



Basement is a strategy game, where you start doing illegal business to fund the development of your dream video game. It won’t be easy, so get ready to deal with other gangs, cops, crazy junkies, mysterious investor and even ghosts from the past.
You’ll start in an old uncle’s basement and quickly realize how complex and unpredictable the world of drug dealing business is. Expand your influence, sell at higher rates, get better workers, equipment, weapons, upgrade your production and make your dream come true.
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Size:39 MB
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