Better Rename 10.46.1

Description of Better Rename 10.46.1

Better Rename 10.46.1 is the most complete renaming solution available on the market today. That’s why, since 1996, tens of thousands of hobbyists, professionals and businesses depend on A Better Finder Rename to organize and maintain files. The Instant Preview feature eliminates guesswork and costly errors and helps you find the right settings quickly and accurately by providing as-you-type feedback.
A Better Finder Rename offers a complete set of renaming options that are organized into 15 categories covering all the text, character, position, conversion and truncation features that you would expect from a file renamer, but it does not stop there. The multi-step renaming feature allows multiple renaming steps to be combined to deal with complex renaming jobs in a single operation. Unlike other tools, A Better Finder Rename allows any number of renaming actions to be combined, re-ordered, copied and deleted.
Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor

Screenshots of Better Rename 10.46.1
Size:9 MB
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