Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio 16.1.1

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Студия 16.1.1

DaVinci Resolve 16 is the world’s only solution that combines professional editing 8K, color correction, visual effects and audio post-production tool, all in one software! You can instantly switch between editing, color effects and audio with one click. DaVinci Resolve Studio is also the only solution designed for multi-user interaction, editors, assistants, colorists, the VFX artists and sound engineers all work can live on the same project at the same time! If you’re an individual artist, or a large part of the joint team, it’s easy to understand why DaVinci Resolve is the standard for high-end post production and finishing at a Hollywood feature films, television shows and commercials than any other software.

Introducing Cut page! Designed specifically for editors working on high-end quick turn around work, such as television commercials and even cutting news, page cut out all about speed. This is an alternative editing page with a streamlined interface and revolutionary new tools that help you work faster than ever. cut page allows you to import, edit, crop, add transitions, titles, automatically match the color, mix audio, and more. If you’re delivering for broadcast or For YouTube, Page reworked everything you need to get a job, all in one place. In addition, the regular editing of pages are still available, so you can switch between the edit and cut the page to change the style right in the middle of editing work.

New editing features in DaVinci Resolve 16: DaVinci Resolve includes everything professional editors need to cut the blockbuster movies, TV shows and commercials. It is ideal for both offline and online editing. Playback Engine performance makes editing and trimming incredibly fast, even for intensive formats processors, such as H.264 and RAW.

New Fusion VFX Feature in DaVinci Resolve 16: With more than 250 built-in tools, advanced 3D-compositing engine and node-based Fusion VFX workflow to allow you to quickly connect the effects and instruments together in the style of a flow chart, which makes it easy to create a cinematic feature film quality visual effects and motion graphics broadcast directly inside DaVinci Resolve!

New colors feature in DaVinci Resolve 16: Legendary Instruments DaVinci Resolve color to allow you to manage color in an exciting way to get the results that are simply not possible with other systems. That’s why DaVinci Resolve is used on more feature films and television shows than any other grading system! You get a strong primary and secondary instruments, curves, tracking, stabilization, and more!

New features in DaVinci Resolve FAIRLIGHT 16: With Fairlight in DaVinci Resolve, the audio is no longer an afterthought in post-production! You get a fully integrated and powerful digital audio workstation with a full mixer, equalizer and dynamics processing, editing audio sample level, ADR tools, support libraries of sound, FairlightFX audio plugin and many others!

New Collaboration feature in DaVinci Resolve 16: Thanks to the universal scale, driven by a powerful database design data bin and lock clip, built in chat rooms, instruments comparison of terms, and many others, DaVinci Resolve Studio solution in the world for the production of only a post that allows multiple artists to work together on the same project at the same time!

DaVinci Resolve Studio update to DaVinci Resolve studio for even more creative tools and options! You get a huge set of required plug ResolveFX and FairlightFX, along with support for 4K, 8K, and a high-resolution projects at frame rates up to 120 frames per second. You will also get a new DaVinci Neural Engine, which enables functions such as face detection, strain rate, automatic re-synchronization of the color balance and automatic color matching. DaVinci Resolve Studio also adds film grain tools, improved noise reduction, blur and mist effects, HDR grading, support H.264 10bit, 3D audio immersion, stereoscopic 3D support, multi tools for collaboration between users and much more!

DaVinci Neural Engine The new DaVinci Neural Engine uses the current state of deep neural networks and training, as well as artificial intelligence, to nourish new features such as motion estimation strain rate for resynchronization, super zoom to zoom, frames, car color and color matching , face detection, and much more! DaVinci Neural Engine is completely cross-platform, and uses the latest GPU innovations to artificial intelligence and in-depth training to ensure unmatched performance and quality. DaVinci Neural Engine provides simple tools to solve complex, repetitive and time-consuming problems. For example, it allows you to identify the person to automatically sort and organize clips in the bin based on the people in the picture!

New and improved ResolveFX DaVinci Resolve Studio 16 features major improvements to existing ResolveFX, along with several new plugins that editors and colorists will love! You get new plugins ResolveFX to add vignettes, cast shadows, deleting objects, adding analog noise and damage, chromatic aberration, styling videos and more! There are also improvements to the scan line, beauty finesse face, cutting pouring warper, dead pixel fixer and conversion of color plugin. In addition, you can now view and edit ResolveFX key frames of the timeline curve editor to edit a page or panel keyframes to Color page!

image processing technology Emmy ™ awards legendary DaVinci Quality DaVinci Resolve particularly deep 32-bit floating point processing in combination with a unique patented chromatics which handles yellow-red-green-blue brightness regardless of the color. This allows you to adjust video brightness without changing the color balance of your light, midtones or shadows! Massive internal color space is ideal for the latest HDR and a wide color gamut workflows.

Blackmagic RAW Blackmagic RAW is a new and modern codec that provides stunning image quality and lightning-fast performance in an intelligent new format. Thanks to the advanced de-mosaic technology and revolutionary intelligent design, the Blackmagic RAW gives you both quality and benefit of RAW with a speed and ease of use and file sizes of traditional video formats.

Hardware control panel If you have a client looking over your shoulder, you have to work quickly. DaVinci Resolve control panel, designed to give you a liquid, practical control over several parameters simultaneously, which allows you to create the look that is simply impossible with a standard mouse! All the controls are logically placed near your natural hand position and are made from the highest quality materials. You get smooth, high-resolution, weighted trackballs and precision engineering knobs and dials that show the optimum amount of resistance, so you can fine-tune any parameter. DaVinci Resolve control panel allow you to instinctively touch every part of the image!

Professional Fairlight consoles FAIRLIGHT mixers provide high quality control for nearly all the parameters and functions in software. Unique user interfaces and dynamic reconfiguration enable quick use buttons and controls that are optimized for the task at hand, allowing you to work faster with the Fairlight audio than any other instrument in the world. Thanks to its modular design, you can start with a larger frame of the console than they need, and to add additional modules to meet the growing needs of your company.



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