Butler 4.3.2

Description of Butler 4.3.2

Butler 4.3.2 makes it easier for you to perform a wide variety of potentially recurring tasks. Just arrange these tasks in Butler’s fully customizable configuration and assign one or more triggers to a task.

Available Triggers

  • freely configurable system-wide menus in your menu bar/Butler’s docklet
  • freely configurable pop-up menus — triggered via hot key or hot corner (see below)
  • abbreviations — e.g., enter “qt” to launch QuickTime Player
  • hot keys — e.g., hit [F1] make iTunes switch to the next track
  • hot corners — e.g., [shift]-[right mouse button click] in the lower left corner of your screen to pop up a menu that lists all system preference panes
  • events — e.g., launch iChat when Butler starts up and the [option] key is not held
  • Possible Tasks

  • launch applications
  • open files
  • access preference panes
  • manage bookmarks
  • search the web
  • run AppleScripts
  • extend the pasteboard
  • enter text snippets
  • simulate keystrokes
  • control iTunes
  • more…
  • Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later 64bit
    Homepage https://manytricks.com/

    Screenshots of Butler 4.3.2

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