Coda 2.7.5

Coda 2.7.5

Coda is a powerful web-editor, which puts everything in one place. Editor. Terminal. CSS. Files. With Coda 2, we went beyond expectations. With loads of new, so-requested features, a few surprises, and seriously updated the UI, this update is really major.

What is Coda?
Good question. Coda is all that you need to manually code a website in one application.

What is Coda?

While the step is simple, the Coda building was anything but. How do you elegantly wrap all together? Well, we did it. And today, Coda has become a major tool for the legions of web developers around the world.

Most of all, the Coda is a text editor. It has everything that you would expect: syntax highlighting for languages ‚Äč‚Äčtonnes. Code folding. Project around the autocomplete. Quick search and replace. Indentation guide. Automatic closing tags. Fast commenting and code offset. Work. But Coda editor has features that you will not find anywhere else. For example, the search and replace is the revolutionary “Joker” token that does RegEx one-touch simple. What you type, Coda Pops you can quickly create color gradients and more using simple controls. There are nice touches everywhere.

But incredibly simple text editor is a good machine if you can not easily handle all your files – from anywhere. Coda has a battle-tested, deeply integrated file management. Open local files, or edit a remote FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, or Amazon S3 servers. Use the Files tab and moving, renaming, copying, transfer from server to server … nothing. Track local changes to remote publication. There’s even a Git and Subversion support.

Then you’ll want to see that your code looks like this. Use our WebKit Preview, which includes a web inspector, debugger and profiler. Then, on top of that, we added AirPreview, revolutionary feature that allows you to use your IPad and Diet Coda for page previews as you code on the desktop.

Believe it or not, we have just scratched the surface. Sidebar Open Coda, to discover a rich set of tools that make you work better. As with clips that allow you to create frequently used bits of text that can be inserted into a document using specific triggers. A project-wide search and replace, which will work on several files. There’s also HTML Validator, Code Navigator, and more.

Finally, under the cover of Plus button in the tab bar is integrated in the terminal and MySQL editor, two surprisingly powerful tools tab. The terminal can open a local shell, or SSH. MySQL allows you to define the structure, edit the data, and more.

And it’s all wrapped up in our websites that you started quickly. Opening of the site sets its own path to the file, the URL root, where your files are posted to the version control settings and more. And Panic Sync, our free and secure synchronization service, your site follow you to any computer.

What’s new:

Version 2.7.5:


  • The question that can prevent the authentication key on the basis of the work
  • Try not to set the syntax mode no longer throws an exception
  • Improved tips on installation, if the syntax modes do not contain version information
  • Plug-ins that require Growl will load properly again; these plug-ins will be disabled in future updates
  • Macos 10,15 Fixed an exception when SVN does not have access to the local root
  • MacOS 10,15: Files changed by external sources are marked for the publication, as expected
  • MacOS 10,15: Fixed a bug related to the availability of
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Copy URL to copy the URL for a full remote deleted files
  • Resolved potential issue when you rename a file while the list of files reloaded
  • Dragging a local file to transmit to a remote server in Coda no longer moves the local file to a temporary directory

Compatibility: MacOS 10.13 or later, 64-bit processor


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