Cookie 6.0.5

cookies 6.0.5

Cookie prevents third parties from stealing your viewing experience. On Web sites, you visit the store “cookies” on your browser without your knowledge or consent. Some of them are useful, but others are disappointing and invasive. Cookie can help.


  • Merge all your browser’s privacy settings
  • Simplified representation that takes care of all technical details for you
  • Advanced View, which puts you in complete control over all privacy settings
  • Combination cookies, displaying all data biscuits / flash / LocalStorage in one easy to manage species
  • Cookie can be added to favorites for each domain, or on a cookie. You decide
  • Customized browser settings. You can customize various options to automatically remove for each browser. In the case of Chrome / Chromium / Canary / Brave, you can even customize the settings for each user!
  • A number of graphs can remove: When Cookie the exit when the Quit Browser on the computer is part of a system to wake the computer from sleep, on a customizable timeline, in whole or manually
  • Hotkey support, so you can remove all the unwanted data quickly and easily
  • Customizable definition of tracking cookies
  • White list individual tracking cookies
  • Clean, modern and intuitive user interface
  • Useful settings window
  • Protection against browser extensions
  • Full screen support
  • ICloud support
  • Dark / Normal thread

What’s new:

Version 6.0:

      Version 6.0:
  • Only + MacOS Mojave
  • A new, more intuitive user interface
  • Setting granular permissions
  • improved removal
  • improved notification
  • Improved setup
  • Better support for Firefox Nightly
  • Favorites and Settings rewritten storage
  • new icon
  • Removed legacy support cookies Silverlight
  • Removed sound disposal as it does not need to SSDs

Compatibility: MacOS 10,14 or later, 64-bit processor Home


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