Cover Desk 1.3

Description of Cover Desk 1.3
that is focused rest will be undertint. Window Tint: Healthy display colour temperature of the display based on day/Nigh lite. Display Mode: Set resolution for connected monitors or displays.
◉ Hide Desktop:
◎ Multiple Screen mode
◎ Hide multiple displays individually.
◎ Apply custom solid colour or choose wallpaper to hide icons
◉ Window Hue Tin:
◎ Choose Hue colour temperature.
◎ Custom time to apply a tint as per the night and day.
◎ Can apply to multiple screens individually.
◉ Window Focus:
◎ Just a click to display focused window.
◎ Choose a percentage of hue to apply
◎ Enable for multiple displays connected.
◉ Display Mode:
◎ Quickly check for available monitor resolutions.
◎ Retina capability on any of your internal or externally connected monitors (displays) & projectors.
◎ Shows refresh rate and switch between aspect ratio
◎ Turn on display mirroring with just a click, its that easy.
Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later 64-bit

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