Cycling 74 Max v8.1.6

Description of Cycling 74 Max v8.1.6
Max is a visual programming language for the specialized needs of artists, educators, and researchers working with audio, visual media, and physical computing.
Discover a new landscape of sonic possibilities
With MC, objects and patch cords contain multiple audio channels. MC will transform how you imagine sound design, effects processing, and mixing. It might be the closest thing to a mind-expanding drug Max has ever had.
Experience noticeably faster performance
For Max 8, we profiled real-world, messy patches to discover what we could optimize. You’ll notice the difference the moment you launch the application.
Control your patch with hardware — no patching required
We are pleased to announce the release of Max 8.1. This update brings initial Mac OS 10.15 Catalina support and “darkmode” window toolbars on Mac. We’ve also decided to include in the distribution as a “factory” package (it has a few improvements as well). Additionally, the Inspector has been improved to have a “per-object” view (among other things). Be sure to take a look at the change log below for the complete details of improvements in this release.

Max 8.1.6 Release Notes

New Features:

Event Probing: reset / clear
Event Probing: transform last event to a message
Examples: Quad Spatializer update
function: autosustain & clicksustain Cmd/Ctrl Click / Double-Click options
function: pointsize attribute / / filewatcher support for externally referenced shader files
JS: ‘patchcords’ property for maxobj
js: getvalueof/setvalueof dictionary support
jspainter: autowatch for automatic update to UI
jspainter: can be used for object box, message, and comment
jspainter: mgraphics.textfieldvisible property to show text over jspainter background
jspainter: the Max jsobject is available
live.* UI objects: accepts comma for typing decimal numbers
live.scope~: new Max for Live UI object for visualizing signals
Max for Live: minimum_live_version, miniumum_max_version, platform_compatibility device patcher attributes
MIDI: ‘matchport’ attribute
midiselect: @hires attribute for pitchbend
mtr: many new features
multislider: ‘scrollclear’ message
Parameter Window: added annotation and annotation_name (Info and Info View Title)
Patching: toggle z-order of patch cords and boxes (u key or toolbar button)
peakamp~: signed attribute
train~: attributified, added resetmode, fixed initial delay issues
Vizzie 2.1.3: included as default factory package. For more info see the Vizzie 2.1 release announcement
Fixed Bugs:
3rd party externs: added path/moddate for validated externals to the database
absolute~: fully recalculate the accumulator once per buffer
absolutepath: package path expanded appropriately (Win)
Live Device: shows UI instead of amxd~ when creating via double-click in toolbar browser
bpatcher: can type ‘@embed 1’ in box while creating object
bpatcher: fixed crash when toggling presentation mode in a new view
bpatcher: fixed handling of quoted string arguments
buffer~: fixed issues with sending ‘normalize 1’ (integer) from scheduler thread
changeable / poundsign arguments: arguments preserved when abstraction is updated
Color popup: works in tabbed patchers
Database: Fixed issues with early DB shutdown sequence
Debugging: Auto Step gets a check mark when selected
decode: modernized, 64-bitized
dict: ensure correctly cached filepath when editing
dict: thread safety improvements
dict.route: fixed memory leak
Fonts: fixed memory leak
fpic: autofit attribute is visually disabled when using an SVG file
frame~ / framesnap~: fixed memory allocation issues
function: fixed drawing when colors have an alpha
1 funnel: fixed issues with ‘offset’ message Gen: improved error detection / fixed crash when retyping a non-compiling gen~ to gen hover: works on textedit in locked patcher inlet object: double click in tabbed patcher reveals tab view Inspector color popup: stays on screen Inspector: color popup allows selection of absolute white (1, 1, 1, 1) value Inspector: fixed crash when closing while edit dialog is open Inspector: fixed crash when selecting object and inspector is open Inspector: Improvements to ITM parsing to fix most of the issues with the units menu material browser maintains connection with parent patcher shininess values clamped to valid range (VIDDLL): movie plays if loaded with rate set to 0 (VIDDLL): playback works after reaching movie end with @loop 0 jit.playlist: properly adapts dimensions for matrix output jit.record (AVF): no longer posts invalid errors after a short period of time recording JS Live API: ensure that paths and objects are properly freed JS: can access bpatcher box attributes JS: fixed patcher getsize crash when patch is not visible js: newdefault properly interprets space-delimited strings for object text jsui: prevent crash when using mgraphics functions with no context jweb / cef / node.debug: fixed update issues on second monitor JXS include glsl feature and improvements to file reference UX live.* UI objects / Parameters: ‘hidden’ parameter will output their value if changed when enabling device live.* UI objects: shift + arrow key changes by 12 units live.dial: improve triangle appearance live.gain~: improved drawing performance live.gain~: UI updates when short name changes live.thisdevice: removed milliseconds unit from the latency attribute’s label M4L Info view: shows when object is in a subpatcher M4L search path: user defined file path available in Live makenote: fixed iteration of note list when stopping a specific pitch mapping: improve performance of outgoing MIDI mapping Max Console: improved ‘new content’ dot updates Max for Live / gen~: fixed crashing when hot-swapping presets of some devices that have gen~ Max for Live gen~ caching: devices updated when hot-swapping presets Max for Live: prevent recursion when resaving built-in devices under the original name Max Help: eliminated black flash on patch open (Win) Max SDK: object_post in object free no longer causes a crash maxdb: fix quoted path issue when caching the results of xattr validation MC: fixed @values attribute crash mc.bands~: channel count update is applied when a new band count is received at the 4th inlet mc.poly~: fixed crash when changing voice count when audio is on mc.vst~: mcisolate off no longer causes feedback when using plug-in UI mgraphics: fontlist no longer truncates inappropriately midiselect: @hires behaves like midiparse/midiformat mira.multitouch: swipe reports finger count mtr: numerous bug fixes N4M node.script: first attempt of ‘script start’ in amxd device works N4M: fixed addHandler JSDoc example node.script: fixed message processing right after script start Object ignoreclick: don’t send cmd+click to ignoreclick boxes Operate While Unlocked mode: fixed issues with ignore click enabled objects parameter / loadbang: fixed restore sequence Parameter Window: fixed potential crash Parameter: patcher load does not dirty objects Parameters: custom unit style is disabled when appropriate patch cord: redraws after enabling / disabling Patcher windows: titlebar height is 0 for notitle windows Patcher: fixed painting of background when patcher is opened in presentation and objects have negative rects Patcher: improvements to background color management patching: fixed issues when abandoning drag of patch cord Patching: prevent patch cord selection while patcher is locked pattr: unique symbolic names are not renamed on delete/undo pattrstorage: changed Interp wording in client window from “none” to “off” pattrstorage: complete interpolated recall when overshooting destination value playlist~: fixed crash when multiple files of different types are dropped on the object playlist~: fixed crash while switching presets playlist~: improved fix for crashes with time stretching enabled plot~: domain calculation treats negative numbers as 0 plot~: fixed mousing coordinate being off on the y axis plot~: lower background redraws with correct color Projects / Node For Max: improve consolidation behavior Projects: improved restoration of saved search paths regexp: can match commas scale: fixed 64-bit int arg truncation (Win) Search paths: fixed multiple files warning when a file and folder share a name Search: improve search results with double quotes sfplay~: reverse playback improvements Shortcuts: h key highlights when cursor is over box snapshot~ / number~: performance improvements standalones: externals are now copied to the standalone’s resource folder (and no longer embedded in the standalone’s collective) on macOS & Windows sysmidi: added protection for invalid header data sysmidi: performance improvements text: improved .txt extension checks textedit: cursor is no longer hidden in Max for Live device after text output thispatcher / fpic: rendered correctly when nogrow flag is used thispatcher: setactivetab message works in tabbed child patches Tour: fixed background color Transparent patchers: redraws properly when objects are moved umenu: properly restore parameter values when @pattrmode=1 VST plugins: fixed crash when folder contains alias to itself (prevent recursive scanning) vst~: fixed issues with plugins with a ‘/’ in the logical name vst~: improve parameter change repetition filtering vst~: VST3 instruments work when created by dragging from sidebar Windows: fixed issues related to Windows 10 antimalware protection


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