Delicious Retouch Panel v4.1.3 for Photoshop

Delicious Beauty Shot Panel v4.1.3 for Photoshop MacOS

Improve your workflow with the new version of retouching retouching plugin Delicious – a set of powerful portraits and photo retouching tools in Photoshop body packed expansion panel.

What is Delicious retouching 4?

This Photoshop plug-in that will make your portrait retouching and body faster and easier. But unlike other plug-ins, it will not do your portraits fake looking. This panel will bring a powerful retouching tool on your workflow, with enough control to adapt to your needs and style. Thin casual retouching, or flawless type of store large plan? The result is in your hands.

Who plugin? Are you a photographer who shoot people for a living, or just as a hobby? Retoucher? You want a tool that will help you to make your everyday work X times faster, but do not turn people into a plastic doll? Or you just want to retouch some images, but you’re not that experts still?


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