DMG Canvas 3.0.6

DMG Canvas 3.0.6

Effortlessly build disk images with its own beautiful design. Simply drag and drop files, external design your disk image ,, using a rich visual editor, and click «Build», to quickly and easily create a fully assembled disk image ready for sending. Every time you release a new version of its disk image, simply press the «Build» again, or to automate it as part of your own build process via the built-in command line tool.

WYSIWYG design create a disk image should not be difficult. With DMG Canvas, just let the disk image, the background image, drag and drop files on the type of windows, and press Build button. What you see in the DMG Canvas is exactly how it will look in the Finder.

WYSIWYG design

Using simple backgrounds background layout, you can create different backgrounds for your disk images directly within the DMG Canvas. Just drop images, add customized text, and you’re done in a snap.

light wallpaper

Localized license your disk image if you need to prompt the license agreement during the installation? Not a problem. Do not spend hours trying to figure it out on their own; Simply place your text in the license in DMG Canvas, and you’re done. It even supports multiple languages ​​and styles.

localized license

Maximum compatibility DMG Canvas goes the extra mile, and carefully create a disk image with maximum compatibility, so that they look and work perfectly all the way back to OS X 10.4, no matter what version of OS X you are using.

Maximum compatibility

Creating a Retina-ready design when targeting OS X Lion, and then add a nice crisp Retina images and text to your discs. users will see (and potential users), your attention to detail, before they even start the application the first time.

Creating a Retina-ready designs

Code Signing Provide your client Macos and he knows that a disk image is safe and reliable with the signing of codes. Gatekeeper MacOS Sierra enables additional security features, if your disk image has not signed the code, potentially disturbing behavior in your application. Using DMG Canvas, code signing is as easy as a single click.

signature code

Notarial Since MacOS Catalina, a new security feature called Notarial requires a new application to be certified with Apple’s, to ensure that they are not infected with malware. To help with this, DMG Canvas can easily certify the disk image and its contents. (Notary requires Xcode be installed.)


Dark Mode When using «None / Default» Background of choice for the disk image window, the window’s appearance will vary depending on the system configuration of the external user type. In Dark Mode, the window background is dark gray and the file names will be displayed in white. If the background selection window is set on the image or color gradient, the file names will always be displayed in black.

Dark Mode

What’s new:

DMG Canvas 3:

      DMG Canvas 3:
  • Notarization of disk images for MacOS Catalina
  • Updated interface that supports MacOS Dark Mode
  • New «None / Default» Background option to support the naked disc images Dark Mode
  • Dark preview disk image contents mode
  • Superior Cancel and improved background object resizing
  • Improvement of the assembly process and the abolition
  • Added Hebrew and Russian languages ​​for license
  • Smaller file sizes and other improvements

Compatibility: MacOS 10,12 or later 64-bit Home


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