Downie 3.8.9

Downey 3.8.9

Downey is the only video download for MacOs you will ever need. This is not just another YouTube-loader: Downey supports currently more than 700 different sites! A full list can be viewed in Downey settings in the Sites tab.

Key feature:

      Key feature:
  • Supports a variety of sites – currently supports more than 750 different sites (including YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), and their number is growing rapidly.
  • 4K support YouTube – unlike many other YouTube downloaders, Downey supports HD videos on YouTube, to 4K.
  • Post Processing – need video to MP4 for ITunes? Or simply want to track? No problem, Downey can not handle it for you automatically!
  • International – not only that Downey supports country-specific sites, it is localized into different languages. If your language is not available, please contact us – we can offer you a free license in return for translation.

new features

      new features
  • UI Redesign – Most of the user interface is completely redesigned, including the application icon.
  • Control Menu Bar – Ability to manage Downey from the menu bar.
  • Link Filter – Select the links you want to download, if Downey finds multiple downloads on the same page.
  • Scheduled download – Schedule delays start download.
  • Windowless Mode – Ability to close the main window without closing the application.
  • Simple mode – less distracting way to display the download.
  • Download Folder Hierarchy – Options to sort the downloaded files using the Web site, include the playlist, and playlist information in the file name.
  • Automated Order – Ability to automatically order all the progress, or name.
  • Automatic alignment – The ability to automatically delete completed downloads from the queue.
  • Options Safari Extension – option is not activated when using extension Downey Safari.
  • Browser extensions + Post Processing – updated browser extensions and support for sending links to Downey postprocessing intentions.
  • DASH stream Support – This is a good thing!
  • HLS Subtitles Support – Other strange letters, but trust us, it’s a good thing.
  • AAC Support – The ability not to use MP3 audio post-processing.
  • User-Guided Extraction + Pop-Ups – User-Guided Extraction now supports pop-up windows (disabled by default) that allows you to sign into certain services using, for example, Facebook, Google or LinkedIn.

What’s new:

      What’s new:
  • New:,,,,
  • Improved:,,,,,

Compatibility: MacOS 10,11 or later Home


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