DupeZap 4.1.1

Description of DupeZap 4.1.1

DupeZap 4.1.1 (was DupeZap Plus) is a modern duplicate finder with a stylish interface, is easy to use, and is powerful. It is extremely fast, and scans your computer accurately.
Features – Search for any file: – Scan for Photos and iTunes duplicate files – Find any duplicate file type (PDFs, images, movies, etc…) – Search for duplicate folders Scan anywhere: – Search in your hard drive – Scan any mounted disk (external hard drives, USB keys, etc…) – Search in multiple locations at the same time, and enable additional features that help More…
Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later 64 bit
Homepage: http://www.hyperbolicsoftware.com/DupeZap.htm

Screenshots of DupeZap 4.1.1

Name: DupeZap_4.1.1__TNT_123mactorrent.com.torrent
Size: 16 mb
Files DupeZap_4.1.1__TNT_123mactorrent.com.torrent
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