FiveNotes 2.2.2

FiveNotes 2.2.2

FiveNotes (formerly known as Quick) is a small text editor that you can always access by clicking (or pressing the shortcut keys) in its mtatus-bar icon, even if you are working in a full-screen application. If you want, he can stay on the top of the window, so it can be used as a cheat-sheet applications. FiveNotes provides exactly 5 notes, which can be switched via colorful circles under the text area or by pressing (Ctrl + Shift + [and Ctrl + Shift +] or Cmd + number of notes).

Supports major markdown formatting applications to clear your notes. FiveNotes markdown includes headings, bold and italic text, quotations and lists (created with the * or – symbol). This is an excellent app for people who create small text files, write a simple, temporary notes. You do not have to worry about files, their names and save them. What you write in FiveNotes stays there. If you need to write something quickly (eg, phone number), simply open FiveNotes and burn it.

What’s new:

version 2.2

  • automatic indentation
  • the height of the window can be changed
  • Note the color can be changed
  • better support for Markdown

Compatibility: MacOS 10.12 or later, 64-bit processor Home


Size:12.51 MB
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