FontDoctor 10.7

FontDoctor 10.7 is a professional software tool that locates and eliminates hard-to-find font problems that wreak havoc on Macintosh system performance and applications. FontDoctor has long been the industry standard for font problem diagnosis and repair for publishing and design professionals. FontDoctor will scan your fonts to locate and repair common font illnesses, including missing Postscript fonts, missing bitmaps, corrupt and damaged fonts, font conflicts, and more.
Have no problems with fonts on your Mac OS X.
FontDoctor is the standard program to fix and repair problems with fonts.
FontDoctor is able to scan your folders (on your local disk or over a network) to locate and repair common problems with fonts, including PostScript fonts missing, damaged, etc.

Have no problems with fonts on your Mac OS X.

Well designed and easy to use interface

From the main window FontDoctor X, can scan multiple font folders located on your hard disk or network drives on your Mac, identify and repair common font problems ranging from fonts and bitmaps PostScript missing corrupt or damaged mixed sources and types of sources.
The diagnostic process is able to identify and repair font problems and clean up your font library. Therefore, you can scan a single source file or all fonts stored in an entire volume. In addition, you can set FontDoctor X to check various problems such as conflicts of ID, duplicate fonts, compatibility and more.
Once the process is complete, you can decide how you want to solve the problems discovered. You can also check the sources diagnostic report and a detailed description of the problems encountered. The report can easily be saved as a text file or printed.

Organizer sources

By accessing the Organize tab, you can quickly organize fonts with font name or last name. You can also delete empty folders and files after copying original sources, create folders cast names, alphabetical folders and folders names.
The Tools tab helps you clean caches fonts, move or compare your fonts with just a few mouse clicks. The cleaning process can correct damaged system files that can cause problems with their sources.
Preferences window helps you enable or disable interface sounds, encourage Dock icon and set FontDoctor X to diagnose and repair unattended.
Keep the bad sources derail their work. FontDoctor can:
Quarantine corrupt and poorly trained fonts
repair problems common source
Generate detailed reports on incorrect fonts
Weeds sources poorly organized

New in Version 10:

Permanent monitoring of sources with automatic detection of font problems
AutoScan scans sources at regular intervals in the background
font Quarantine to facilitate isolation and handling of problematic sources
Generate, manage and archive sources detailed reports using the new panel reports
processing Architecture 64 – bit complete and powerful
Compatibility: macOS 10.9 or later 64-bit

Size: 8 mb
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