Gemini 2.5.7

Twins 2: Duplicate Finder 2.5.7

Twins 2 will help you to find duplicate files and delete them. This is a smart, laser precision, and restores a lot of places on your Mac.


  • Detection and removal of duplicates. Find and remove duplicate files, even if they are in remote parts of your system. Twins 2 will scan the entire disk-light speed quickly, no matter how massive it is. Dig through the scan results and manually select the files to delete, or better – even smart choice of doing all the work.

Detection and removal of duplicates.

  • Spot and scrap like. As well as duplicates, similarity space wasters. Now, Twins 2 after them. Point files that are similar to each other, to see how they differ, and delete the ones you do not need. Because you make better use of the entire space that they occupy.
  • Spot and scrap like.

  • Your pictures matter. Their copy does not. Do you really need 10 recaptured the Golden Gate? Probably no. Do not let copies invade your photos: find duplicate photos, look at them carefully, and spare extras.
  • Your pictures matter.

  • You just enjoy the one tune at a time. Even if you play the same tune on repeat, one copy is enough. Remove duplicates in Itunes: Gemini scans it to find the five instances of «Space Oddity» you stock up.
  • This is a smart and getting smarter. Gemini smart. It is easily said copies of the originals. He knows which files to preserve intact. But the best thing he learns to choose the duplicates as you do. Twins algorithm remember that you remove and what you decide to keep. It’s like you’re an apprentice training.
  • This is a smart and getting smarter.

  • Simple Star. Gemini carefully to be super easy. All you need to do – to see the details or duplicates quickly destroy them – it takes a few clicks. Because that’s what a good duplicate finder does: makes things easier.
  • simple star

  • Nothing is deleted for good – until you say. Never worry about losing the wrong file by mistake. Gemini moves duplicates to cart and allows them to return in a single click. If you want a copy on your Mac, delete them forever. If you just want them out of the way, to save them in a distant location. Always your call.
  • Nothing removed forever – as long as so to speak

    What’s new:

    Version 2.5.7:

        Version 2.5.7:
    • Catalina support MacOS. The Twins will now support the new Apple Music app, as well as the new updated application Photos
    • performance and various bug fixes improving

    Compatibility: OS X 10,10 or later, 64-bit processor Home


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