GraphicRiver – Painted Photoshop Effect

Description of GraphicRiver – Painted Photoshop Effect

Create custom effects

This Photoshop tool will automatically transform your photos into paintings.

Photo effect Actions can be combined to create new effects. Follow these steps below:

  • Run the first Action on your photo.
  • Once you are happy with the result, save your design as a Jpeg image.
  • Close your Photoshop file and re-open the image you just saved.
  • Now run another Action over your photo! This will then stack the second effect on top of the first.
  • There are so many undiscovered effects that can be created!
  • More information –

    Screenshots of GraphicRiver – Painted Photoshop Effect

    Name:GraphicRiver – Painted Photoshop Effect.torrent
    Size:20 MB
    FilesGraphicRiver – Painted Photoshop Effect.torrent
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