Gumroad – HDRI Collection – Six Shades of Swedish Summer

Description of Gumroad – HDRI Collection – Six Shades of Swedish Summer

This collection of HDRI environments depicts 6 different light conditions, all captured during the evanescent Swedish summer. With distinct atmospheres from locations around Stockholm, Sweden, they may endow your 3D scene with realistic lighting of different sensibilites, ranging from otherworldly warm to that of the cool skylight of a waning evening twilight, as well as of the exquisite qualities of Nordic light during the day. The collection includes two high-contrast HDRIs, one of medium contrast, and three low-contrast environments. All are unclipped, all are exposure-wise photometrically calibrated to EV 9 as an absolute reference point, and all come in five different resolutions from 1K to 16K.
For more information about the included HDRI environments, please see the below links to the six individual HDRI products. All six are included in this package.

  • HDRI – Cozy Apartment (Summer; Sunset)
  • HDRI – High-rise Balcony (Summer; Evening Twilight)
  • HDRI – Modernist Cottage in Forest (Summer; Early Evening)
  • HDRI – Postmodern Residential Gateway (Summer; Sunset)
  • HDRI – Neglected Urban Park (Summer; Evening Twilight)
  • HDRI – Artillery Yard (Late Summer; Midday)
  • Tutorial for use in Blender.
  • Cozy Apartment
    High-rise Balcony
    Modernist Cottage in Forest
    Postmodern Residential Gateway
    Neglected Urban Park
    Artillery Yard
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