Handy Note 1.0.9

Mobile phone with touch 1.0.9

Handy Note is a finely create a note app that lets you quickly capture important information and keep it easy to see on the screen.

Virtual Anchored on your Mac Handy Note is a finely crafted memo application that allows you to quickly capture important information and keep it easy to see on the screen.

Search with Hashtags Writing notes is addictive, but even if you have a few dozen notes, it is still easy to find what you are looking for with the search Hashtags Handy Note and are filtering support.

Simple and flexible We hate without the need for complex applications. Handy Note runs as the TextEdit, but it has a layer of beauty and refinement, which means that you’ll never want to use anything else for quick notes.

Final inspection can minimize, resize, and edit the note to create a totally unique layout on your Mac. In addition, the notes being destroyed to hide some notes from prying eyes and helps keep the screen from getting too cluttered.

Create beautiful Notes theme not only Handy Note has a large selection of sticky topic notes, but it also allows you to express your creativity and produce a totally unique theme according to your preferences. For an additional level settings, you can also control the transparency of individual notes!

Compatibility: OS X 10,10 or later 64-bit Home https://fiplab.com


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