ISM DuckDelay v1.0.1

Description of ISM DuckDelay v1.0.1

yet another echo device plug-in? Yes but there’s no other one with all these features.
Rhythm preserving ping-pong modes
Saturation and Distortion
High pass and low pass filters
Undo/Redo and A/B comparsion
Together with Mondstein Records we started to build a simple delay with Ducking.
This feature allows you to add loud echos without losing the presence of the source signal. Use it e.g. to avoid an articulation loss.
Then we found all the other useful features including the “rhythm preserving ping-pong” which obviously has never been realised before.
Also apparently no other delay plug-in even offers an EQ for the delayed material.
So in the end DuckDelay became this outstanding delay plugin. Probably the best you can get actually.

Screenshots of ISM DuckDelay v1.0.1

Size:5 MB
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