iTubeDownloader 6.5.9

iTubeDownloader 6.5.9

TubeDownloader 6 makes downloading YouTube videos even more enjoyable with easy-to-use features like download queue, channel and playlist loading, improve performance and view more.

Search. Look. Download From the very beginning we wanted iTubeDownloader be simple, but incredibly powerful. Thus, our goal was to add even more features to iTubeDownloader, but make it easy to use – and that’s what we did with iTubeDownloader 6.

Search. Look. Download

Download Queue iTubeDownloader 6 now has a download queue. Download Queue will allow you to upload a few videos and have tech care for their implementation of the program in order. In addition, you can have a program to boot at the same time gives you more energy!

download Queue

With the new capabilities of the browser iTubeDownloader 6 we have added new features to make the YouTube viewing easier. iTubeDownloader features multi-touch gestures, so you can spend to navigate through a web page, as well as improving energy efficiency and productivity, the laptop battery lasts longer between charges.

New browser features

Downloading is as simple as 1, 2, 3 iTubeDownloader makes it easy to quickly download video, YouTube channel, or the entire play list on your Mac.

Downloading is as simple as 1, 2, 3

  • Navigate: Use the built-in web browser to navigate. You can also simply insert the URL YouTube in the address bar and press Enter to go to the web page.


  • Download: To download the video, channel, or playlist, click the download button in the toolbar.


  • Management: download the list will automatically open when it was added to the loading point. From here you can manage your downloads.


What’s new:

Version 6.5.9:

Compatibility: OS X 10,10 or later, 64-bit processor Home


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