Keep It 1.7.5


Keep It to write notes, preservation of web links and documents, as well as find them again. Available on Mac, and as a standalone application for iPhone and IPad, Keep This is the place for all those things you want to put somewhere, I’m sure you can find them later.

Notes and references Make Notes Create with built-in styles that look good and read well at all recording devices. Notes can contain check lists, bulleted and numbered lists, pictures, links and other investments.

Notes and references

Save a web link to Save Web link to save it, view them in the app, open your web browser or save them as a PDF-file for offline reading.

Add Files Anything Any type of file can be added to keep it or save it in a folder, and open for editing in their original applications. With ICloud, the changes are automatically available on all your Mac computers and IOS devices.


View and edit Keep It generates thumbnails and summaries for most files can edit their own notes, rich and plain text files, and show a preview for a PDF-files, images, web pages and most other documents.

Search and filter Search Keep It can find the content of most files. Suggestions appear as you type, allowing you to narrow down the results is exactly what you need, or use keywords and natural language. Save this search for later re-use.

Search and filter

Tag Filter Keep It Tag Filter allows you to find things to their satisfaction marks. Click a tag to see all the bulleted items and any other relevant tags; Select another tag to drill down further.

Organize Folders Folders let you organize elements and ligaments hierarchically when you need it. Select a folder to see all that it contains.


Bundles When you need to collect things in one place, make a knot. Items can be more than one beam at a time and when you delete a bundle, everything else remains where it was.

Labels Use labels to color code elements for quick visual recognition. Labels are listed in the sidebar, so you can quickly see all with a specific label.

Other lists Use the list of recently, to see the things that you have added or viewed in recent years, with the last show at the top. Favorites provide quick access. Deleted are automatically deleted after 30 days.

Where you need it to Compact mode to compact mode Keep It for Mac becomes one column, ideal for use with other applications or in split screen mode.

Where it is needed

Works with other applications is almost all that can be dragged to save it, and you can also add things from different applications Keep This extension share.

What’s new:

Version 1.7.5:

      Version 1.7.5:
  • Markdown preview will appear blank when editing the file and preview was displayed once
  • The error may be displayed after the hide application when viewed web archive
  • The format selected in the new Web Link panel will be ignored
  • Creating thumbnails for web pages
  • Where I am trying to export some of the elements in the PDF-files will include the original file extension, the proposed name in a PDF file
  • Import Evernote delimited notes

Compatibility: MacOS 10,12 or later Home


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