KitBash3D – Military Outpost (MAX/FBX/OBJ)

Description of KitBash3D – Military Outpost (MAX/FBX/OBJ)

Bring all your modern wars and military worlds to life with this kit’s encampments, watch towers, concrete walls, cargo containers, bunkers, barbed wire fences, weapons, ammo, sandbags, generators, crates and so much more. With over 260 pieces and 50 materials, this robust kit will bring your combat outposts, barracks, blockades and conflict shelters to life.

Technical Specs

RENDER ENGINES: Octane / Vray / Redshift / Native Renderers
POLY COUNT: 11.2 Million
TEXTURES: Tileable
SHADERS: Included
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Screenshots of KitBash3D – Military Outpost (MAX/FBX/OBJ)

Name: Kitbash3D – Military
Size: 05 GB
Files Kitbash3D – Military
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