KitBash3D – Veh: Drones (C4D/FBX/OBJ)

Description of KitBash3D – Veh: Drones (C4D/FBX/OBJ)

Whether you’re creating modern day warfare environments or futuristic worlds ruled by police states with crowded buzzing skies, this pack gives you all the bodies, rotors, propellers, gimbals, arms, and legs for you to mix, match, rearrange, and combine to create your ultimate army of drones!

Technical Specs

RENDER ENGINES: Octane / Vray / Redshift / Native Renderers
POLY COUNT: 4.5 Million
TEXTURES: Tileable
SHADERS: Included
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Screenshots of KitBash3D – Veh: Drones (C4D/FBX/OBJ)

Name: Kitbash3d –
Size: 47 GB
Files Kitbash3d –
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