Klevgrand Everything Bundle v4.2021 R3

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Klevgrand Everything Bundle v4.2021 R3 MacOS | AU | VST | VST3

TOTAL BUNDLE PLUGINS of Klevgrand Since 2014, Klevgrand has been a rapidly growing player on the audio music plug-in scene, known for its affordable, high-quality and easy-to-use effects and instruments. Klevgränds goal is to encourage the creative process of users on any expertise level. Klevgrand is an audio plugin company and creative studio based in Stockholm (Sweden) run by musicians, software developers, music producers and sound designers.

Plugins: baervaag.v1.1.1 brusfri.v1.2.0 dawcassette.1.1.4 dawlp.1.0.5 degrader.1.0.3 enkl.v1.0.3 esspresso.1.0.3 gaffel.1.0.4 gotoeq.1.0.3 grandfinale.1.0.4 haaze.2.0.3 hillman.1.0.1 jussi.v1.0.4 kleverb.1.0.3 knorr.1.0.2 korvpressor.2.0.3 kuvert.1.0.3 luxe.1.1.1 modley.1.1.2 pads.v1.0.4 pipa.1.0.1 pressIt.v1.0.3 reamp.1.1.1 r0Verb.v1.0.2 skaka.1.0.4 slammer.1.0.0 spinn.1.0.1 squashit.v1.0.2 stark.1.0.3 syndt.v1.0.1 tines.1.0.5 ting.1.0.2

R3 Version: added [Brusfri] & fixed [Pipa + DAWLP]

Compatibility: Mac OS 10.10+10.11+10.12 or higher Homepage https://klevgrand.se/products/

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