Klevgrand Jussi v1.1.1

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Klevgrand Jussi v1.1.1 MacOS | AU | VST | VST3

A unique vocal synthesizer. Jussi emulates male voice vowels in a unique way. Thanks to a set of powerful parameters you can make Jussi sing anything from soft and airy choir-like vowels to hard and angry shouting. Formants are controlled by playing with different velocity, which makes it fun and easy to play using a MIDI keyboard.

Features * ADSR with ”Turn-in” and ”Turn-out” option (Turn-in and Turn-out affects the pitch and maps it to attack and release) Voice character XY pad (Intensity and Narrowness) * Legato mode (glides between notes and velocity levels) * Legato Hold mode (polyphonic legato when using a sustain controller, consult the documentation for more info) Throat emulation XY pad (Grain and Tonality) * Built-in reverb

Jussi v1.1.1 (changelog) v1.1.1 Fixed an issue with timing when printing/bouncing

v1.1.0 Updated UI Global preset system now also supports user presets macOS binaries supports ARM (M1) CPU natively New minimum macOS version is now macOS 10.10 Updated development framework from JUCE5 to JUCE6

REQ: [iNTEL] + [M1] Mac OS 10.11 or higher

Homepage https://klevgrand.se/products/jussi

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