Klevgrand Ting v1.1.0

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Klevgrand Ting v1.1.0 MacOS | AU | VST | VST3

Ting is an instrument providing 28 different percussive sounds originating from everyday t(h)ings laying around at home – such as silverware, a sofa, toy drum or a pair of car keys. Each sound is carefully multi-sampled and processed with the common goal to be musically playable. Ting is intended to be a creative tool and a substitute for ordinary drum and percussion instruments. Altogether ~1500 individual samples are used to make this instrument. In addition to the sounds, there is an EQ, a room simulator, a reverb and a compressor.

Features * 28 different high quality sounds, carefully multi-sampled and processed for maximum playability * Built-in EQ * Convoluting room ambience * Algorithmic reverb * Individual sound parameters for pan, pitch, dynamics, room send & reverb send * Master compressor

Ting v1.1.0 (hide changelog) v1.1.0 Added 16 instruments Added a preset manager (including factory presets) Optimized memory usage Minor CPU optimizations and stability fixes

v1.0.2 Native ARM support for macOS (M1 processor) Updated to development framework to JUCE v6 Minimum macOS version 10.10

REQ: [iNTEL] + [M1] Mac OS 10.11 or higher

Homepage https://klevgrand.se/products/ting

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