Le Sound LS Levelator 2 v2.0

Le Sound LS Levelator 2 v2.0

LS Levelator is to normalize the energy / loudness tool for batch processing large numbers of files. This tool not only makes use of local energy changes, but also takes into account the volume model to include a perceptually appropriate normalization. A batch process is expected to help locate and broadcast professionals more effectively deliver dynamic dialogue.

New features Pure clicks in the mouth caused by mouth watering or unstable pronunciation Dynamic Range cmpression Loudness and segment displays for visual studies compare and listen to the original / processed signals support for custom presets

Main characteristics Automatic Volume / energy normalization packet processing innovative global normalization and dynamic segment based on a preprocessing treatment for cleaning the mouth of noise and dynamic range compression for separate application MacOS and Windows,

Home https://lesound.io/product/levelator/

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