Lens Distortions – Maven 4K

Description of Lens Distortions – Maven 4K

Stylized Glass Overlays
• Includes 90 curated clips
• 6 Distinct Categories: Quick, Bold, Textured, Subtle, Slow, Lower
• Compatible with all video editing apps
• 4K ProRes: 16GB
• Royalty Free
Vivid Color
Maven offers a stylized take on glass overlays for filmmakers who aren’t afraid to push their visuals.
A dominant feature of the effects is their color. The default blue tone is intriguing as is, but you can also tint the clips to create vivid hues that complement your project.
Movement and Texture
Another defining characteristic of Maven is assertive movement. The clips provide raw energy to a project while still being elegant and confident.
Movement goes hand in hand with texture. The unique textures in Maven could only be created by meticulously capturing real glass elements in-camera.
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Size: 43 GB
Files Lens Distortions – Maven 4K.torrent
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