Lux 1.3

Description of Lux 1.3

Have you ever wondered how much time remains before sunrise or sunset? Lux is able to offer this and more.
Make sure you have a WiFi connection to the Internet.
At this point the application will detect your geographic location.
The display will show the name of the location and the time and hours until sunset/sunrise.
The day and night mode is activated automatically based on sunrise and sunset.
[ Features ] • Detection sunrise, sunset and your location
• Automatic background changing
• 6 different backgrounds between day and night
• Time format 12 or 24 hours
• Wifi needed
[ Compatibility ] macOS 10.14 and later.
Lux is also available for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch).
[ Supported Languages ] • English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.
Mac App Store :

Screenshots of Lux 1.3

Size: 6 Mb
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