MarsEdit 4.4

Description of MarsEdit 4.4

MarsEdit 4.4 is a blog editor for OS X that makes editing your blog like writing email, with spell-checking, drafts, multiple windows, and even AppleScript support.
It works with with most blog services including WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Movable Type, TypePad, and many others.
What’s New:
Version 4.4:

General Improvements:

  • Improved performance for blog refreshing – now shows posts as they load when possible
  • improvements:

  • Now an officially supported publishing system
  • Can now edit Page and Post type entries
  • Supports sending Draft status posts to server
  • Supports downloading entire history of posts
  • Bug fixes:

  • Restore ability to type to select items in the media manager icon view
  • Don’t support New Page menu option for blogs that don’t support pages
  • Restore drag and drop ability from the “Published” tab of the Media Manager
  • Fix a bug that prevented all authors from being listed on blogs with more than 50 authors
  • Search now matches substrings found in custom field values of posts
  • Ensure the View on Web menu item is enabled whenever a published blog post is selected
  • Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later, 64-bit processor

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