MaxCommander 2.0.2

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MaxCommander 2.0.2 MAS macOS

Manage files as always – using two panels and the keyboard (and sometimes the mouse). Introducing the MaxCommander application.

MaxCommander is all you need to manage files on your local drives and remote file servers. The app supports the following operations:

    • Browsing folders
    • Previewing files with QuickLook
    • Editing files
    • Copying, moving, deleting, renaming files and folders
    • Creating folders
    • Creating links
    • Packing and unpacking archives
    • Searching for files

    You can browse and manage content of an archive as it was a folder on a local drive. You can browse, create, modifie, and unpacke archives of these types:

      • zip
      • 7z
      • jar
      • tar
      • wim

      You can browse, create, and unpacke these archive types:

        • tgz, taz, tbz2
        • gz, bz2, xz

        These archives are supported for browsing and unpacking:

          • rar, arj, lha, iso, xar, cpio, rpm, cab, z, lzma, adz
          • vdi, vmdk, vhd, msi, hfs, fat, sfs, wim, chm

          Encrypted 7z, zip and rar archives are also supported. If you have an archive file created on an operating system that does not use Unicode you can open it in MaxCommander and select the right characters encoding for file names (available for arj, lha/lzh, zip, rar and tar archives).

          MaxCommander can connect to file servers and you can manage remote files and folders on such servers. The following servers are supported:

            • FTP
            • FTPS – implicit FTP over SSL/TLS
            • FTPES – explicit FTP over SSL/TLS
            • SFTP
            • SMB
            • AFP
            • WebDAV

            Files servers for a local network can be discovered using Bonjour.

            What’s New:

            Version 2.0.2

              • (BUGFIX) packing into a zip/wim a folder with sockets/block/character device special file always fails the entire operation
              • (BUGFIX) removing a file while adding something to an archive does not add a new job at once, but when the adding job is over
              • (BUGFIX) setting ‘Check FTP/FTPS host certificate’ in the main menu turns off all the options for ‘Default Number of Jobs’
              • (BUGFIX) deleting an item from encrypted archive always fail
              • (BUGFIX) rename an item into a blank name should not be allowed
              • (BUGFIX) searching in archive that is in another archive allows for deleting items from the search result, and that operation always fails
              • (BUGFIX) canceling the rename operation leaves the item displayed with the changed name
              • (BUGFIX) after exiting a search for encrypted archive the user is again asked for the password to that archive
              • (BUGFIX) Cmd+4 edit does not update a file in the archive when it is updated in the editor
              • (BUGFIX) Cmd+4 does not work for FTP/SFTP items
              • (BUGFIX) ‘Do not ask again’ option is not present in the dialog displayed when an archived file was updated
              • Add rename for items in 7z, zip, jar and wim archives

              Compatibility: macOS 10.13.6 or later Mac App Store


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