MindManager for Mac 13.1.115

Description of MindManager for Mac 13.1.115

Information is invaluable, but it’s also overwhelming. MindManager simplifies the way you process and manage information, by turning scattered ideas and data into clear visual maps that are easy to build, organize, evolve, and share.

Visual work management & mind mapping

– Elevate your project & workflow management
– Create beautiful interactive maps, charts & diagrams
– Process & organize information more effectively
– Bring structure and clarity to plans & projects

Capture information intuitively

MindManager simplifies complexity by helping you to easily capture relevant details and see them as they relate to each other.
– Start a diagram from a blank slate or from one of 25+ built-in templates
– Add topics as quickly as you think of them
– Evolve a brainstorm into an executable strategy, process, or plan

Organize information logically

MindManager gives you a simple, intuitive way to collect, evaluate, curate, and connect the vast amounts of information surrounding your work and business, so you can quickly and clearly see what’s important, what you need to act on, and what you can ignore.
– Easily add, remove, and reprioritize topics
– Enrich tasks with resource information, deadlines, notes, and other metadata
– Get an at-a-glance view of where to focus your time and effort

Manage information effectively

MindManager boosts your efficiency to give you more time in the day and supports your brain’s natural way of collecting, processing, and working with information dynamically and responsively.
– Collect relevant files, links, images, and more in one central place
– Visually connect topics to highlight relationships and dependencies
– Maintain big-picture understanding without losing sight of critical details

Share information transparently

MindManager enables you to share large amounts of information in one comprehensive, reliable communication — mitigating endless email chains, inefficient meetings, and misalignments that can slow down or derail collaborative action.
– Share your diagrams and plans to customers and co-workers
– Run effective meetings by following sequentially mapped talking points
– Publish your maps to the web for viewing by others
Compatibility: – macOS® 10.13 (High Sierra) to 10.15 (Catalina)
Homepage http://www.mindjet.com/

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