Moglyph FX 2.0.4

Moglyph FX 2.0.4 для After Effects MacOS

Creation and animation of glyphs clones procedurally, as well as in the MoGraph module in Cinema4d. You will not believe what you are going to create in a single text layer!

It is well known C4D users, MoGraph is still one of the most powerful and reliable procedural cloning and animation module. Aftereffect users can try a little of his power for free, thanks to the “turning point” and 2 “effectors” (Plain and random), which are supplied with the version of Cinema 4D Lite, packed with every AfterEffects CC version. But it is certainly limited and disappointing, since the most interesting tool is still not enough: CLONER!

How many times have motion designer needs to duplicate, and a bunch of animated sequences, sometimes dozens of similar graphic forms in your projects?

Of course, you can spice up your projects with keyframes and then duplicate them, sort them, a time offset … but it takes a long time and then, if you’re asked to change all the animation later? Well, you have to repeat the whole process again and again until the client is very satisfied!

Some existing instruments aim to ensure that this process is way more efficient and less tiring, but you’ll still end up with a large number of duplicate layers into your schedule, and who would not prefer to have a well-organized schedule, as well as in Cinema4D, where you can easily expand or close the hierarchy of objects in order to keep things tidy.


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