Native Instruments Guitar Rig Pro v6.1.1

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Native Instruments Guitar Rig Pro v6.1.1 macOS | APP / AU MFX / VST

Guitar Rig 6 Pro is a multi-effects rack and amp simulator made for creating and experimenting with audio in a way that is fast and direct. Think of it as your own studio, only with more space, less heavy amp heads, and way more flexibility.

Installation: Read the iNFO provided inside the package.

As a macOS user you are supposed to know: — How to install Xcode command line tools. — How to disable SIP and bypass Gatekeeper if needed. — How to mount your system volume in write mode when necessary. — How to use k’ed macOS software in general.

The requirements might be specific for your version of macOS as Apple keeps introducing new measures to prevent anything not from official AppStore from running on their systems. But the first point (Xcode command line tools) is generally required for everyone.

Failure to understand any of the above might result in patch not working properly.

If you install on any volume other than system, then the patch won’t be able to locate the files to patch!


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