Native Instruments Reaktor 6.3.2

Description of Native Instruments Reaktor 6.3.2

Native Instruments Reaktor 6.3.2 makes advanced sonic experimentation more accessible than ever. Primary and Core Macro libraries are refined for ease of use with new categories and intuitive folder structure. Workflows are now more efficient thanks to a modernized interface, improved structure editing, and a revised property and navigation. Plus, new features like Table Framework, Bundles, and Scoped Buses unlock a new level of power to REAKTOR builders.

Release Notes:

6.3.2 2019-02-13
Bug Fix Update.
* FIXED CRASH – on startup on Windows machines with 10th gen intel processors
* FIXED CRASH – Creating New Instrument after undoing New Inst creation (side pane
open, while not on properties tab)
* FIXED CRASH – clicking Sampler Module which does not exist anymore (in SME header
* FIXED CRASH – on closing host Project with one rack
* FIXED CRASH – while building using cut paste undo for structures including event
* FIXED CRASH – on changing Voices with song postion 96a output in use
* FIXED Too long and increasing loading times for certain ensembles (i.e. Flesh)
* FIXED If too sparse, Midi out stops, when plugin window is closed (specifically in
Ableton Live, might have affected other hosts too)
* FIXED Freezes in FL-Studio upon Host session recall (with certain ensembles, i.e.
* FIXED On Ensemble Relocation preset data is not applied (instead loads default
* FIXED Snap/Preset – Dropdown List does not open in Main Toolbar (when reopening
Plugin GUI)
* FIXED No 30min Demo mode when loading Form preset files without activation (leads
to immediate timeout)
* FIXED Recent File List not updated on Loading NKSRs (Rack Files)
* FIXED Sample Map Monolith export broken (older regression issue)
* FIXED Not all preferences are stored on closing plugin/hostsession
* FIXED MAC OS Catalina – Browser/Explorer does not show Volume/Drive in exFAT format
* FIXED Demo Dialog flashes on loading any product in Player
* FIXED Demo Dialog shows Content + Application demo timer (where only content timer
was applicable)
* FIXED Demo Mode on Instantiation in Reaktor Player AAX triggered
* FIXED Automation ID Compressing and Sorting
* FIXED OSC Values not sent after Auido Engine Off/On
* FIXED OSC Values received in wrong order
* FIXED Library Tab update missing when switching from Ens to Rack and vice versa
* FIXED Browser Separator position not remembered
* FIXED Position of Splitter/Handle in Panel Sets and Snapshot tabs not remembered
* FIXED Wiring on panel in Non Edit Mode with Ensembles possible
* FIXED Library Tab on, although in Non Edit Mode with Null Page
* FIXED Double Click in Player Browser selects Preset/Snapshot underneath
* FIXED Start Screen Button “Play” opens New.ens (if new.ens was the last loaded)
* FIXED D&D (NKSR/Rack File) to Reaktor Application window limited to Panel View
(work area)
* FIXED Mute and Solo from the structure context menus shown in Rack Mode (removed)
* FIXED Color of the CPU measuring debug tool is not readable with the new Rack color
* FIXED Unavailable Midi Device handling faulty (showing some ID instead of the device
* IMPROVED Performance with Multi Display Module improved
Install Notes:
Just install and enjoy!
Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later

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