NCH ClassicFTP Plus 4.03

NCH ​​ClassicFTP Plus 4,03

ClassicFTP is a FTP-client designed to help its users to maintain their own websites. It allows users to upload, download, delete and manage files using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Tips are offered on the launch associated with setting up the connection with the FTP-site. Fittings for FTP-server must be entered in the first. They can usually be obtained from the administrator of the FTP site. It is also likely to require administrator permissions to upload files to the site. The user interface includes two working panels that make the management of the transmission is quite an easy task. Fixing and editing files on your website can be done smoothly. Site Manager is included, where you can keep a list of regularly used sites and access them from there. The option “Sync” allows local folder to scan, so that any files that are not in the remote folder then uploaded it.

ClassicFTP easy to work with and is used to download, upload and manage files on the servers and websites, as well as offer some handy features such as function “Sync”.

Classic FTP is the most stable and comprehensive FTP client software is available and is very easy to use. • Upload or download files quickly and easily • Secure file transfer using FTP-SSL • Compatible with all popular FTP-servers

File Transfer Features • Intuitive user interface makes uploading files to the internet easily • easy to drag and drop files to and from the classic FTP • Supports secure FTP protocol (SSL) • Compatible with all popular of FTP-servers • Works on both Windows and Apple, Mac OS X • Easy setup wizard to establish the connection node FTP • Sync tool checks the local and remote folders for the most refined of all copies

Compatibility: Intel, 32-bit processor OS X 10.5 or later Home


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