Noisebud Skyline v1.5

Noisebud Skyline VST VST3 AU v1.5 MacOS

AWZ | February 13, 2020 | VST VST3 AU Noisebud Skyline is an easy-to-use multi-band editing for mastering.

You can easily zoom in or create depth in the track with a quick and easily accessible controls, and you do not have to worry that you push him too hard, because everything you do with the Skyline, you can not break the mono compatibility. Horizon consists of three basic control elements, Spread, Pan and width. “Spread” will either enhance the atmosphere, using the information in the difference channel and distributing it in the stereo field, or use the information from the sum channel and distribution that the stereo field. The latter is great if you want to mix up a mono file to stereo. “Pan” panning of sound in the selected range and the “width” or enhance the sum or difference of 2 dB, without touching the other channel. Watch the video, preferably with headphones, to get an idea about this little gem.

We have updated our multiband stereo Skyline editor to version 1.5. The biggest difference from previous versions is Spread features that reveal the depth and 3D feeling in any combination.

Available as: – Windows 32-bit VST2 – Windows 64-bit VST2 – Windows 64-bit VST3 – MAC OSX 64-bit AS (We still consider the Mac builds pilot seems to work fine, though … so far so good)


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