Pro Audio Converter 1.9.0

Description of Pro Audio Converter 1.9.0

Pro Audio Converter 1.9.0 for Mac Os X is an app for batch converting between a variety of audio formats. Designed for ease of use, simplicity, and above all, the highest quality audio.
Pro Audio Converter is an application for converting between a variety of audio file formats. It is multi-threaded and will batch convert multiple files at once to multiple formats at once. It supports reading and writing metadata and can create custom output file paths based on the metadata. It can also edit the metadata of existing audio files without the need to re-encode, functioning as a basic tag editor. Pro Audio Converter also gives you the option to add your converted files to iTunes.
Pro Audio Converter currently can read and write the following formats: ==================================== 3GP Audio 3GPP-2 Audio AAC AIFF AIFC Apple Lossless Core Audio Format FLAC Monkey’s Audio MP3 NeXT/Sun Ogg Vorbis Ogg Flac Ogg Speex Opus Sound Designer II True Audio WAVE
Compatibility: OS X 10.6.6 or later

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Size: 9 MB
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