RawDigger is a tool for visualizing and exploring pure raw data as recorded his camera. In fact, this kind of microscope that allows you to delve into the original data. RawDigger does not alter the original data in any way. RawDigger no raw converter. Instead, it allows you to see the data that will be used raw converters.

RawDigger a unique characteristic: • RawDigger histogram displays real raw data that differs greatly from the histogram of the histogram within the chamber and submitted most raw converters.

• Overexposure (OE) indicator will show you which areas of the shot, and blown into a color channel (s) happened (it is best if used in order to channel).

• RawDigger allows you to determine how the light meter is calibrated and that the raw level corresponds to the middle point of the histogram in the camera. That is, RawDigger allows you to set the margin in the highlights and get the best exposure.

• For practitioners ETTR, RawDigger makes it very easy to compare the raw histogram in the Histogram chamber and keeping the difference that makes the exposure as much “right” as possible.

• RawDigger helps determine the crude level at which overexposure «blinkies» started on the camera’s LCD, and see how much stock is still available after blinkies start to show.

• If the shadow looks blotchy, discolored or detail in the shadows bad resolved, you will be able to determine how much they are underexposed and install underexposure (UE) indicator RawDigger respectively.

• RawDigger is a useful tool for examining how underexposure respect of each channel depends on the color of light.

• RawDigger is more accurate than any exposure meter to assess the uniformity of light and fill light reproduction units (in terms of uniformity as the color balance and brightness of the background through).

• For studio photography RawDigger helps set the correct light filtering to achieve the cleanest possible shadows in the pictures.

• Landscape photographers can choose to use RawDigger, to determine the effect of the filter on the lens to ensure the neutrality of the polarization and neutral density filters, and possibly to select the color correction and color compensation filters for use in a different light.

• RawDigger can be used to check the amount of vignetting caused by the lens and the sensor.

• RawDigger helps identify idiosyncrasies and camera raw converter, providing a true representation of the original data and comparing it with the results obtained by using the raw conversion.


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