Readiris Corporate 17.1.2

Readiris Corporate 17.1.2

Scan, convert, and Document Management. Readiris 16 is a powerful OCR software for converting all paper documents, images or PDF into editable digital text and search (Word, Excel, PDF …) in just a click!

Readiris 17 converts paper, images or PDF-files into editable digital text and search (Word, Excel, PDF, …) Convert standard document images and PDF-files into fully indexed, keyword extracted PDF documents.Upload documents in the cloud, and get them anywhere, anytime and on any device. Import paper from any scanner with integrated wizard scanning Readiris 16.

Give the text again to convert a paper document, image or PDF into editable and search digital files (Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, etc.) with the use of technology Readiris 15 ‘optical character recognition (OCR). Simply scanning a paper document via scanning embedded master or import images from a folder or digital camera. Readiris 16 will instantly convert it into a format of your choice, without changing the original layout. Now your digital documents are easy to edit, archive and share!

Give the text again

Create searchable PDF Readiris 15 makes it easy to create searchable and indexed PDF-files are compatible with virtually any computer. The resulting PDF will look exactly the same as the original image, adding a text layer is ready for search and indexing. Now it will be very easy to find the exact information you are looking for among the tons of archival documents!

Create searchable PDF

Store documents in the cloud Store, access and control of the converted documents from any computer, tablet or mobile phone with a new connector Cloud Readiris 16. Just choose your favorite cloud hosting service after the conversion process and your document will be automatically exported, ready to be available anywhere you are! All your digital files will now be securely backed up and available when and where you need it most! Cloud services: Evernote, Dropbox, Box and Google Drive.

Store documents in the cloud

Reduce the size of your digital files Radically reduce the size of your images and PDF-files using an exclusive high-compression technology I.R.I.S. at. This new feature will allow you to compress files up to 50 times smaller than the original size without compromising image quality. Your compressed documents in standard PDF format, will be fully searchable and compatible with any PDF viewer usual! The size of your digital documents will not be a problem during storage or shared more!

Reduce the size of your digital files

The process of multi-page documents 15 Readiris allows you to quickly convert multi-page documents in one or more output files. If you have a variety of documents for processing, you can also combine and merge them into one file (PDF, Word, …). For those who use the scanner with the options of filing, the Readiris 16 Corporate features advanced scanning options that optimize scan and convert multi-page process. From one to several thousand pages, the Readiris 16 always bring you a solution that fits your document processing needs!

Technological multipage documents

Come on, convert and manage documents … Automatic throw scanned documents to any folder folder. Readiris will keep track of them and whenever Readiris spots a new document in one of the monitored folders, he handles it, and the secret of its exports to the destination of your choice: in the output folder, in the cloud or on the FTP site. (Only available in Readiris 16 Corporate Edition) Simply place the document in the correct folder, and it will be handled in the proper format and exported to the right place … Automatically!

Come on, convert and manage your documents automatically …

What’s new:

Version 17.1.1:

      Version 17.1.1:
  • Readiris 17 Annotate offers an option that allows you to add annotations to your documents before you export them to PDF format. This feature can be useful in the process of revision.
  • Other output formats than PDF does not support annotations. These annotations are compatible with Adobe Reader. The best result can not be guaranteed with any other viewer PDF.

Compatibility: OS X 10,11 or later, 64-bit processor Home


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