Red Giant VFX Supercomp 1.0.1

Red Giant VFX Supercomp 1.0.1 для After Effects MacOS

Supercomp a compositing environment, which makes it easy to create sophisticated, seamless composites. In Supercomp, light and atmospheric effects interact with all its layers and elements of the scene in a much more natural way and with much less pre-writing, than ever before. Supercomp includes more than 15 GPU-accelerated context-sensitive tools for the integration of all of your items in your last shot.


dockable UI Supercomp Panel Supercomp makes it easy to do complex compositing based on a clear visual feedback. Supercomp layers are easy to read at a glance, with intuitive icons for each effect. Quick access to the full range of effects with an intuitive radial menu for quick application and results.

View Fine Detail Often effects such as Light Wrap almost too thin to see, especially with so many other effects applied to the layer. With Supercomp panel, you can view the complete composite, or you can drill all the way down to one of the selected effect, allowing you to see and change the small details for the best results. Supercomp provides a visual view which provides context-sensitive feedback at every level.

Context-dependent effects in contrast to standard After Effects layers and effects, in Supercomp, all layers and effects used in the course of changes in the other layers in your composite. Adjustments will ripple throughout the composite material, changing any pixels that are to be affected by these changes. Swap out the background, or change the order of your layers and all the hoops light, diffusion, turbidity, etc., will not automatically change with it – there is no need to hunt through multiple After Effects privileged layers and effects.

Layers Supercomp Supercomp supports three different layer types: Normal, additive, and moving. Each layer type has its own set of effects and presets. In addition, you can specify the scale (magazine, video and more) of your layer, making it easy to combine elements from different sources and cameras.

Presets Configure complex composite is now as easy as one click. With Presets Layer, you can apply multiple effects Supercomp immediately get a starting point or the final instant results. Audition presets with visual viewing and then apply. Tweak the settings or two to taste, and if you want to save and share your own presets.

Animation control in the majority of Supercomp can be animated. Just right-click on a parameter and select Add Keyframe. Control then appears in the Timeline After Effects, where you can keyframe or add expressions.

With floating point HDR matter what bit depth of your After Effects project, Supercomp always works in 32-bit floating point, if properly managed, range 32-bit. This means that your composites will look realistic and seamless, without any clipped highlights or color artifacts.

GPU acceleration of effects in all 17 Supercomp are GPU-accelerated, giving you quick feedback does.

Easy to pick-up and handover is no longer necessary to remember what you did when you open older projects, or trying to figure out what someone else when you inherited the project. clear visual feedback Supercomp makes it easy to understand the project warehouse, so you can get to jump right in and touch.

Color correction is often the difference in the color layers that stands between you and a good composite. Supercomp offers powerful Color Correction effect, designed specifically for VFX compositing. After you set the black level, no further adjustments will not change the value of the black layer.


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