Description of RETRO FORTH 2019.8

RETRO FORTH 2019.8 is a concatenative programming language with roots in Forth. Designed to be compact, learnable, and easy to adapt to specific needs, it has been developed and refined through continual use by a small community over more than a decade.
Forth is a stack based programming language created in the late 1960’s by Chuck Moore. Over the intervening decades it has evolved through use, with many dialects along the way.
The RETRO FORTH dialect was created in the late 1990’s, and has been continually developed and supported for over 15 years. It is a structured, imperative stack-based language with modern facilities including quotations and reflection.
It features:
– latest version of the RETRO FORTH language
– code editor using Markdown subset
– literate programming style
– code is extracted from fenced blocks in Markdown source allowing easy mixing of code and commentary
– support for fetching data from Gopher servers
Mac App Store :

Screenshots of RETRO FORTH 2019.8

Size: 3 Mb
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