REVisionFX REMap 3.2.0

REVisionFX ReMap 3.2.0

Easy rerender UV map in a post to save time 3D rendering! RE: Map UV also provides backward mapping and corner pinning.

RE: Map Features:

Texture maps in the post Use UV map rendered from a 3D system is easy to clean or replace the texture map in your compositing program without having to re-render in 3D-system.

Work in both directions RE: Map also allows you to use the photo and the corresponding 3D-object, and create texture maps needed for your 3D visualization system.

distortion of the quality of tools includes tools for corner pinning and 2D displacement maps.

High quality filtering high quality image filtering, comprising supersampling and mipmapping. Advanced features to combat UV smooth edges and areas where the object crosses another portion of the object.

Replace and recall new sequence repeated application of textures to reuse animated UV maps for animation and cool transitions. Adjust, color correct, edit, and then re-apply textures for 3D-animated objects without rerender in 3D system.

Iteration quickly combine UV mapping and textures in the office, without having to re-render in 3D-system.

Inverse dye or UV Mapping alignment texture in 2D, to match your 3D image visualization and back projected image to make a pattern for use in your 3D system or RE: Map UV

pinning Area Maps or map inverse perspective plane defined by the four points (also known as corner pinning).


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